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Mission Statement

With an emphasis on education, Whiz Kids Classes will provide an opportunity

that is unique and individualized for each student. The ultimate goal of Whiz Kids

is to provide an enriched learning environment that allows the children to not only

gain knowledge, but to instill a love and passion for music and art.  



















Whiz Kids On Computers was established in 1995. Since that time we have added Whiz Kids Pianist, Whiz Kids Musicians, Whiz Kids Artist and Whiz Kids Assemblies and Birthday Parties. We service all of Houston and surrounding areas. Whiz Kids classes are a success for many reasons.We have great communication with all of the schools and centers we service. The parents are excited about the opportunity for their child to receive educational classes and lessons at the schools or in the comfort of their homes. The teachers are professional, dependable and eager to teach the children skills in the classes we offer. Whiz Kids student’s success is very important. We dedicate our company to helping each child grow to their full potential with our classes and lessons. The students who have taken classes from us have excelled in their school music programs, band/orchestra programs, have learned to play several instruments and some sit in the top groups and first chairs. We have received thanks from band directors and choir directors for teaching the children not only to read music but a love and understanding of music.

The schools we service are very pleased with the programs we offer and very supportive.



The teachers are the key to the success of Whiz Kids. 


Enroll your child today!

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