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Piano Lessons


“When you play music you discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed.”- Bill Evans

  • Award – winning piano method for children

  • All Year around piano lessons

  • Private in-home lessons

  • Piano Lessons taught at your child's daycare facility

    • ​20 minute private lessons once a week

    • Recital at your child's facility in December and May


Are you tired of running all over town to get your child to their next

activity? Let us come to you! We offer piano lessons in the comfort

of your home.

  • Weekly Lesson

  • 40 minute sessions

  • For beginner to the intermediate level

  • Year around lessons

  • Recitals and special performances

  • Incentive program that encourages students to practice

  • Encouragement to help each student reach their full potential

  • Students will be evaluated and placed in age appropriate

       piano methods

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