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“Art is a way to encourage the process and the experience of thinking and making things better!” – MaryAnn Kohl


Come join Whiz Kids Artist as they learn about a wide variety of artists and their techniques.

Each week the students are introduced to an artist and their techniques. They will learn their history and recreate a famous piece of artwork. The students will be learning an abundance of skills through Whiz Kids


  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

    • ​Enhancing and building fine and gross motor skills.

  • Drawing and painting help prepare the brain

  • Develop hand – eye coordination  

  • Develop an awareness of history and culture

    • ​The students will travel back in time to learn about                                                                            famous artist from different eras.

  • Sensory Exploration

    • ​Through exploration the student's will build a knowledge                                                                      of the objects in the world around them.

  • Develop Social Skills

    • ​The students will learn how to help, share, care, and empathize with others.

  • Language Development

    • ​ The students are provided opportunities to learn words for colors, shapes, and actions that are transcended into descriptive words to describe their creations.

  • Enhance visual - spatial skills by drawing, cutting, and painting.



















Whiz Kids offers two different Art Programs:


A specially trained Whiz Kids teacher will come to your facility once a week for two 30 minute classes. You are able to utilize this time however you would like. We are here to accommodate you. Each week the students will learn about an artist and recreate a famous piece of artwork by using the techniques that they were taught.  

Parent Based Art Program:

Whiz Kids will come into your facility and advertise to the parents that have their children enrolled. The parents will then strictly interact with Whiz Kids about the art program.

A specially trained art teacher will come into your facility once a week for a 30 minute music class.

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